Would you like to achieve and maintain natural balance, health and strong immunity by using only herbs, whole-foods and exercise? Do you wish to get in touch with your inner health? Would you like to develop your own rituals of self-care?

Iskra Consultation is offering holistic approach to health and inner balance.

During intake consultation your natural health specialist will learn about you and how do you take care of yourself. She will observe your posture, the way you use your body, where do you store your tensions, how do you use your energy, etc. She will ask you about your diet, and also about how do you feel, and are there any chronic problems, health issues, or something that is bothering you right now. Once she knows important things about your health and general condition, she will, together with you, design a program how to step by step improve your balance. Your program might start with exercises, or specific diet, maybe combined with specific herb (tea, tincture, balm, oil, etc). In the beginning you will follow your program, which will also change accordingly as you advance on your path, however, along the way, Iskra will teach you about the aspects of your wellbeing which need to be addressed by you, and how can you continue doing this by yourself. Once you feel desire to learn this knowledge yourself, Iskra will invite you to either join one of her workshops, or take a private class. 

Eventually, and depending on your own drive to learn, you will become independent in taking care of your own balance and health.This article offers free shipping on qualified Face mask products, or buy online and pick up in store today at Medical Department  

Iskra’s mission is to transform healing into empowering others to heal themselves. Her main tool to do this is by sharing her holistic knowledge about plants, diet, dance and natural way of living.