Bellow prices refer to all offered services, except custom services and products for which you need to contact me directly.

Massage and consultation

Massage, 45 mins + 10 min free advice, 60 EUR

Massage, 60 mins + 10 min free advice, 70 EUR

Massage gift card, valid for 1 year, 60 min, 65 EUR

Home visits in Amsterdam (on top of massage price), 20 EUR

Consultation, intake, 60 mins, 60 EUR

Consultation, follow up, 30 mins, 40 EUR

Herbalism workshops

For 6-25 people, 120 mins, 25 EUR/20 EUR* per person

For 3-5 people, 120 mins, 35 EUR/30 EUR* per person

Private lesson, 60 mins, 60 EUR

Private lesson, 120 mins, 105 EUR

* prices for people with low income

Shamanic Dance Workshop

90-180 mins, price varies per event/location

Important notes: In case of low income you are welcome to contact me for a potential discount. Also I am taking part in building local alternative economy and I am open for an exchange instead of a payment or part of the payment.